Livin’ The Dream, Like, For Real

Last week I clocked 65 hours so please ignore me if I’m less makey sensy than ususal. Uh.

If we speak IRL, you may know that I recently got a job as a receptionist right next to where my current job is, but in a medical office.

Now, not even kidding, I’ve always wanted to be receptionist. Computers, paper, and healthcare are some of my favorite things.

Not only am I now working a stable full time job with benefits (good benefits, to boot), but they’re lacking in transcriptionists. Guess what my major was: it was transcription.

My manager told me once I’m done training on the front desk, they’ll have me start doing transcription in the evenings!

From what I’ve heard, it’s kind of rare to get a job in your degree (including the title and all!) within a year of graduation; let alone 2 months!

I have lots of reasons to be happy.

Now, if only I didn’t look like a hot air balloon….