Snuggly Wuggly

Remember back in the day when I made that post about how my daily routines really helped my depression?

Well why in the hell doesn’t that apply to me anymore?!

Since I’ve moved in with Matt my “routines” have been all over the place. Sure, I wake up for work at roughly the same time everyday, but it’s mostly a hectic mess just trying to get to work on time. I have a basic order of things, but the order of things doesn’t include breakfast or checking my stories or touching the cat or appreciating the pretty colors and bird sounds that come with early morning…

I’m a hectic spazoid now. Mostly because I can’t make myself get out of bed. I’m a nasty, habitual snoozer. I never really used to be except on weekends… Now I snooze 3, 4, sometimes up to 5 times before I actually start waking up. And “waking up” is basically just checking myfitnesspal food plan for the day and putting off GETTING OUT OF BED as long as possible.

Man this is unhealthy. I am in a rush every morning and I hate it but even when I try to change (set my alarm later so I can’t snooze as long, make Matt help me wake up, pop a mint in my mouth after the first alarm, etc) the efforts are usually futile. It’s frustrating.

Somehow, someway, I will become good at mornings again. It’d be so cool to have breakfast/cat/crossword puzzle time in the morning again.

To be fair, it was a lot easier when I worked at the restaurant at 10:45 in the morning versus my now 8:20 in the morning. Especially considering 8 was when I would wake up. I do NOT see myself waking up at 5:30 just to enjoy the mornings. Though, it’d be kind of nice…

At least I’ve been getting to work on time more consistently recently. Yay small victories.

This room smells like a mix of chocolate mint candle and bowl of caesar salad from dinner I’ve yet to clean up. I’d better hop to it.



Livin’ The Dream, Like, For Real

Last week I clocked 65 hours so please ignore me if I’m less makey sensy than ususal. Uh.

If we speak IRL, you may know that I recently got a job as a receptionist right next to where my current job is, but in a medical office.

Now, not even kidding, I’ve always wanted to be receptionist. Computers, paper, and healthcare are some of my favorite things.

Not only am I now working a stable full time job with benefits (good benefits, to boot), but they’re lacking in transcriptionists. Guess what my major was: it was transcription.

My manager told me once I’m done training on the front desk, they’ll have me start doing transcription in the evenings!

From what I’ve heard, it’s kind of rare to get a job in your degree (including the title and all!) within a year of graduation; let alone 2 months!

I have lots of reasons to be happy.

Now, if only I didn’t look like a hot air balloon….

Now that that’s out of the way…

Let’s talk about tipping for a little bit. I don’t want to make this too lengthy, mostly because I trust most of you are pretty good about paying servers what they deserve, and partly because I’m technically not supposed to talk about it. I’m not going to complain about the company I work for, or the people who visit it.

I’ve found that most people are very reasonable, and honestly I don’t have any problem making money most days that I work. Just sometimes it seems people don’t tip very well for no reason at all. When are we taught how tip? I think some people miss this lesson growing up. Some days it just seems unfair that I work my bum off for people, (who may not realize how difficult the job is) and then I don’t get paid fairly for the work. It can just be so frustrating. Frustrating enough that some days I find myself crying in the freezer (just saying).

The company I work for is cooperative in that if you make less than minimum wage in tips, they will adjust your paycheck so that you get that minimum wage at least. That’s a good fallback, however, I definitely feel the work we do is worth more than $7.75 or whatever it is. Googling is hard.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the restaurant, but one time I went to a place where the receipt had tips for tipping! It had the usual tip, total, and signature lines, but at the very bottom it had something that looked like:

15% = $3.75

18% = $4.50

20% = $5.00

Please tip your server!

This seemed like a great idea to me! It may have had something about the difference between lunch and dinner tips, but I don’t recall exactly. I wish every restaurant would do that for the sake of its servers. Maybe some people just don’t know that they’re not tipping enough. Sometimes they can be a little difficult to please, too. That affects tips because believe it or not, you’re not the only person we’re serving…

Again, I’m not trying to complain, just I find it an interesting topic, and it’s brought up so often at work and with my friends that I thought I’d mention it here.

Please tip your server.