Free Associations

Yesterday I published my 100th blog post on this here site dedicated to both cats and candy. It was wasted on being angry at the world. I guess I’ll take it.

I’m watching Matt play Alien: Isolation right now and it’s very entertaining. I like to watch it but hate being scared. Plus I’m pretty sure he has a love/hate relationship with me entitling the giant scary alien monster guy to a name so innocent as Timmy. “Timmy, NOOOO!” “Timmy people aren’t food” “Oh, Timmy’s over there.” “Use your Timmy Finder!”

This is the second day I’ve missed the gym. Well, skipped the gym. Not like I “oops” no gym-ed. Just didn’t feel like gyming. Is that good eating disorder recovery attitude? Good. Regardless.

It’s would have, not would of.

I’m terrified of taking the RHDS exam because I’m 100% sure I’m a complete moron. Maybe one day they’ll let me work from home in the job I took years to learn and re-learn how to do (community college repeated itself so much I could’ve just done one year probably. AAS Condensed degree: If only).

Guns are scary and they fire randomly whenever one’s near me, I think.

Same with garbage disposals. And like, railings over high places? Don’t lean on them because they’ll break. In fact, stay away from high places. Even better, stay home. Good thoughts, self. Thanks, self. You’re welcome. Hey, did you remember to do that thing? Shit, self. Do the thing!

Where was I?

Health insurance is so dumb. Well, kind of. People’s perception of health insurance is so dumb. Did you know health insurance claims are meant to be filed by the patient and doctors’ offices file them out of curtesy? That means don’t be a turdnugget about YOUR insurance to your doctors’ offices.

Also just don’t be a turdnugget. I’m speaking to a bunch of brick walls, I feel. Actually, right now I’m not talking at all. I’m typing. And multitasking in that Matt’s talking about it raining inside a space station. Pretty sure it’s not supposed to be rain, but the sprinkler system from the fires that just seem to be everywhere. Everything lights on fire by itself when bad things happen to a place, obviously. Known fact. Bad things? Fire. First step. Concrete on fire, bricks on fire, probably like dirt on fire.

Bad things are like bad.

Back in the day I tried to stop saying like. It makes me feel so metaphorical. Like I’m putting more into what I’m saying than what I’m thinking or saying, y’know? Y’know: there’s another filler. And ums. And uhs. And so. I had a teacher in college I called Mrs. OkaySo. “Okay, so…” Okay, so, like, think before you speak. Don’t be a hypocrite. SHIT.


I eated fishes today was nummy.

My chiropractor suggested getting back rubs and I feel worse asking for backrubs when they’re doctor’s orders than I did before. Before I was like BACKRUBNOW  now I’m like no touchy.

Damn, Emperor’s New Groove is such a great movie especially the llama face part. Agree? Good.

“I’d like to point out that I never did get my thrameflower back.”

He said it right. But that’s how that comes in my head-orb.

Think before you speak. Don’t be a hypocrite. Two good life lessons I fuck up, often about the same time.


I need to take out my contacts and put on pants that let me forget I’ve gained 32 pounds in 14 monthsCIAO

~We interrupt this broadcast to take you back to a world that makes sense and is like better~