Feels Good To Say I Toldja So

As most of you are inevitably bitching about the weather today, please remember to:

  • Recycle. Even glass-there are drop off sites. 
  • Quit using plastic bottles. You’ll save money and time by just fucking buying a reuseable one. 
  • In the market for a car? Hybrid/electric/high mpg is the way to go. 
  • Quit having a stupid number of children. 
  • Go at least partially meatless. Cows’ butts destroy the atmosphere. (Methane is a bitch.)
  • Unplug it. You don’t need every single electronic plugged in every single hour of every single day. It’ll help your wallet, and the decreased electricity necessary to power your home over time is an earth-respected result. 
  • Replace your light bulbs with the fancy, better, green kinds. (Don’t worry – down below I’ve included source material with specifics I can’t remember)
  • Change the filters in your home. The blockage/lowered efficiency prevents an increase in atmosphere-hating gases. 

Here’s an article about 50 other things you can do to help. We did this to the planet, or at least sped up the process. 

~Friendly Reminders about climate change being real~

Happy Friday. 

Link as promised


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