Friends is Hard

What do normal people do to get friends? All the friends I have I either met through Matt (so we became friends by me hanging out as an add-on) or I’ve known them since high school or before because proximity and the fear of sitting alone in the halls before classes was terrifying. Obviously we’ve stayed friends through similarities and things, but there are people in my life now that I think I would enjoy being friends with, but how does one go about that? I don’t sit by or even see these people regularly. Do you just ambush them with ~friendship~ anytime you see them like “HEY HI WHAT’S UP WANT TO BE BLOOD BROTHERS” or like… invite them to Spielbound for board games? Isn’t that how dates work? I don’t want to date these people. Why are human relationships so complicated? Would straight up asking people to be my friend be frowned upon? 


Thanks for reading. 


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