When I Was Your Age

Since it happened again I’d like to type words about a recurring dream-theme that I have. It’s kind of related to my last post featuring how unhappy I am that I only semi-achieved academic success in my life. Actually it’s probably mostly related to that.

Most of you may know by now that I have bad dreams mostly. I also have at least a few super-bad nightmares a week. But recently, the only thing buffering those kinds of dreams are dreams that I’m back in school.

I say it’s a dream theme and not an actual recurring dream because the ambience and experience changes. Sometimes it’s high school and sometimes it’s a big university.

I’m sure this is pretty common. School takes up a lot of time in a lot of lives, so it makes sense.

I usually come out of these dreams feeling good about them. Not always. Sometimes in the dream I’ll be so overwhelmed by the things I have to accomplish before classes even start. Physicals, submitting test scores, who to talk to, and the other weird things you have to do. Sometimes I get lost. Because I’ve been known to get lost.

Most of the time it’s nice walking in with my books and seeing friends and walking through the halls and sitting down ready to learn ❤

I was too cool to love learning while in high school. Also too crazy/preoccupied.

Life is pain.


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