Lazy Dreams

I took a floating holiday today, because it’s a bank holiday. (Thanks, presidents). I just want to talk about how I wish most days were like this.

Yes, some people like to work. I get that. I even like my job, 100% seriously. I enjoy being there and the people are great and the work is interesting… But if I could just quit my job and have days like this every day… That would be so cool. I’m not one of those people who need work to complete me. I’m one of those people who could find 3498230 other things to do and be just fine.

I won’t quit my job, for the record. My bills would hate that. Matt doesn’t make enough money for me to not making money.

I’ve been drinking black coffee from my own carafe. I don’t have to share. I’ve been eating chips without worrying about getting the salt and dust on important real estate documents. That’s right. That’s true freedom.

I’m instant messaging friends on a PC gaming platform. I’m exploring Middle Earth at my leisure, because I don’t just have about an hour before I have to go to bed. (Lord of the Rings Online. Pretty great.)

I even had pasta. For breakfast. And I did some housework. “Some” being the keyword, of course.

Netflix is on in the background and my cat is sitting in the window watching the bunnies and this is the life. If I wanted to I could pick up my cross stitching and finish one out the hundred projects I want to do. I could finish the cat blanket I started. I could knit… I don’t know… A scarf? Maybe? (Knitting is hard for me.) I could read a whole book in one sitting. Again. It’s been years since I’ve been able to do that, and it’s very inspiring.

I’m having a very good day. I wish I could hurry up and retire. Turns out 401ks don’t work that way. (Accrue faster!!)

Happy Monday/Presidents’ Day!


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