On Being Right

There are so many drafts saved in this wordpress account. I write down blog ideas all the time. As you can see, not many of them get published anymore.

Just more so recently than ever before, I’ve become terrified of being wrong or coming across as disagreeable to someone.

So even if I were to just continue the trend of talking about me me me me me I’m afraid of posting it because what if it’s too whiny? Too know-it-all-y? What if no one gets it? What if they take my irony/sarcasm the wrong way?

It’s safer to just put off publishing until I… what? I don’t know. Get inside the heads of everyone who may read this and convince them that I’m cool I swear please don’t hate me I try my best? If only.

Actually I want that in general. Please don’t hate me I try my best. I’m making that into a t-shirt and wearing it everyday. That’s a lie. Plus people would judge me so hard.

“Check out the insecurity on that one.”

Oh man. Looking back at these paragraphs, I’m not even cool. How awful. Well, I guess I knew it all along.

(Please think I’m cool anyway. Not if you don’t want to. If it’s not too much of an issue. I can talk sports! A little. Whatchu know about UNO Hockey? I know hardly anything. But I like to see that rubber discus go! I can talk games! Cats! Boys? If you’re into that kind of thing. What are your belief systems regarding processed cheeses?)

I just want people to like me. Sorry I’m so needy.

Happy basically-Wednesday.


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