Titles is Hard

Lately I’ve been downloading a lot of new music, reading a lot of books and staying on top of housework. 

The last couple of months have been nice and chill. One of my best friends is in town and I’ve gotten to hang with him a few times. 

My body hurts all the time in a lot of different places but I threw caution (and maybe logic) to the wind and started running again. Hurts. Worth it. 

People in public still end up irritating me. A lot. I know I can’t change them. I wish I could force people to be self aware. 

Driving is the devil. 

According to Goodreads.com I only read 74 books in 2015, but in actuality the damn thing wouldn’t sync and I swear to biscuits  actually read 75.  Of all the inconveniences technology would have me endure…. 

In related news I started reading that one book I’ve been afraid to pick up for a while. No reason. Just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m already confused. 

My first “project” of the new year was reorganizing my book shelf. Don’t expect it to be in an order you’ll understand. I’m not about that library catalog life. But damn it looks good. 

Putting my Mr Coffee under my nightstand so I can drink coffee within minutes of waking up is still the best thing I did last year. 

A smelly redneck man just said something stupid near me at Olive Garden and now I’m mad. 

Oh yeah, I’m getting to eat Olive Garden. I wanted noodles or sushi so Matt agreed to the place we have giftcards for. Yay free money. 

I’m not sure if I’ll try to garden again this year. The front garden is basically a giant ant farm, like worse than actual dirt/soil, and I just can’t deal with having ants crawling all over me like they did last year. Gross. 

The cat is great and Matt is nice and people suck but life is good. 

Im off to get my discount Italian-style corporate sodium binge on. 


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