You Can Read All About It In My Blook

Psych! I’m not making a blook. It would be atrocious. Can you imagine?

“Being A Pathetic Whiner” by a pathetic whiner. Just kidding I don’t whine always. Just, often. Which is normal right?


Wow. You can really read the insecurity.


Well what I was going to talk about was my absolute love for audiobooks. Specifically my absolute love for the fact that my local library lets members download audiobooks on an app for about 2 weeks.

AND I’m able to listen to headphones at work. It’s a beautiful world we live in, folks. Most audibooks last me a workday or 2, so when I’m in the mood to listen to books instead of feeding my addiction to Bob’s Burgers I can get a lot of “reading” done really quickly.

You can probably find out if your library has it by idk, googling it?

The app, OverDrive, even has speed adjustments. I’m a fast reader (side effects may include poor comprehension and headaches), especially when the book is really page-turny like a thriller, so I can speed it up to twice as fast.

Matt hates it. Doesn’t understand how I can listen to it. It’s especially funny when there are books read in other accents.

Unfortunately, some things are lost in audiobooks. And I don’t think it’s all due to the fact that I listen at work. My job is pretty mindless.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell writing styles. I always find myself having a difficult time rating books I’ve listened to on GoodReads, because I may like the story or content, but it’s difficult to judge whether it was written well. There’s something about reading things that requires a lot more concentration/effort. So sometimes I feel like I like audiobooks more than they deserve. But I guess that’s not really a bad thing. Either way.

Also I feel like sometimes they pronounce things wrong. Now that I’m writing it I can’t remember any specifics… Maybe I’ll come back and edit one day.

But also with listening and trying to pay attention and accents and stuff, I have the thing were I like to look up locations on Google Maps/Earth and I spend a lot of time caring about that, so if I can’t understand the name of the place and Googling it doesn’t help me figure it out, then it’s so not even a big deal but it bugs me a little.

Right now I’m listening to… My Promised Land? I’m so not prepared for this blog. I’ve been drinking. It’s about Israel, and I really wish I could understand the names of things so I can see what’s so great about this damn mountain….

I highly recommend audiobooks. Even for those of you who can’t headphones at work. Cars are great! Listening to  books in the car is so much better than those ad-infested radio poos. I don’t like the radio. I personally like to ride in quiet. Just throwing that fun fact in here.

Or! Or! While you’re doing like housework? I don’t know.

Books are great.

Do books.


Peace off


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