Bike Ride Around The World But Not Actually

Blogging has gotten so intimidating lately. Which is stupid. It’s not like anyone here expects quality from me. This is blog not goodly for read.

Moving on!

Growing up, my mom, stepdad and I were fairly active. I loved to rollerblade around the neighborhood. My stepdad was a hockey player (and likes sports in general) since forever, and Mom was a personal trainer so she would help me avoid injuries and taught me necessary techniques for working out in general. Like how to squat correctly, breathing tips, ways to just stay active, etc. So I was very lucky in this respect.

I also remember playing outside by myself very often growing up, and once we moved into a house with a garage and a yard I remember making obstacle courses out of ladders, making tracks for scooter/rollerblades/bike/sprints, then the skip it toy (whatever it’s called), occasionally some hopscotch…

What I’m trying to introduce here is the fact that every once in a while we would go on bike rides. I usually rode my bike around the neighborhood (which is saying something because Omaha is hills hell. Hills everywhere. So good luck biking), but Mom and sometimes my stepdad would go with me on the local bike trail in town, the Keystone trail for you Omaha natives. We lived across the street about 2 miles down from the beginning of the trail, and I remember 2 specific times when we rode, I’m not sure, maybe 6? 7? miles down the way to when I didn’t recognize buildings and street names anymore.

I was around 8 or 9 at the time, I believe.

My grandma lives further down that trail and diagonally a little, so my mom used to say we should take a day trip, pack a lunch, and go visit “Gramma” via biketrail, then have Darrin pick us and the bikes back up that evening.

We never got around to it.

Now that I no longer even own a bike -because it’s not a purchase I can currently afford to make since it’s not a necessity but it is hundreds of dollars -I’d really like to take a similar trip. Even if it’s not specifically to see my grandma, and even if I can’t get a ride back.

It’d be terrifying to go alone, but I don’t know anyone who’d be willing to go with me. Mostly because it’s kind of an difficult affair to convince someone into… what with the hardly talking, desire to ride a lot of miles, needing to own a bike, etc. Plus, I don’t know many people who bike outside of the occasional machine at the gym.

Either way, one day I’d really like to try this on the trail near where I live (Omaha is pretty good for trails. Now I’m by the start of Big Papio trail). And hopefully I can get several miles in without getting anxiety-ridden or dead. 



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