So Complainy

if you know me in real life (sorry Matt) you’ve probably heard me complain a lot this past week. Because I broke me. 

I woke up last Sunday with excruciating hip pain in the hip that already aches often enough. I still find myself limping around. It just feels like there’s something pinched in the joint and it’s miserable to have to move. 

On top of that, for some reason, I decided to throw what my doctor told me a year ago out the window. “Try to avoid running,” she said. “Try for other workouts,” she said. 

And what do I do? Well, I attempt to run and hurt my hip and my achey foot so badly that I grabbed my husband and left the gym early. 

I tried to just go on the elliptical and it was the same pains. 

It’s MISERABLE wanting to workout and not being able to. It’s one thing to just not have the motivation… But I have it. 

I’m tempted to work through the pain, but I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea. 

So I’m just moping. Thanks for reading. 

*Limps away*


5 thoughts on “So Complainy

  1. I feel your pain and words of advice from someone who worked out through pain…. Rest! I was having foot pain not fully realizing what it was. Kept running and jumping around on it and then I finally saw a doctor who told me I had plantar fasciitis. Got a good lecture on my toms and he told me to stop running. I stupidly thought I could still do my six day workout routine on it just skip the running. A week later I was crawling to the bathroom and almost 3 months later I am still unable to enjoy the long walks I loved. Rest now and save yourself later!!

  2. If you are able to I would recommend swimming! That has worked wonders for me! Also any upper body weights you can do while not aggravating your current condition. For a good two weeks I did a bunch of exercises on my living room floor. I completely understand the struggle…. Being an active person it is extremely depressing to be sidelined and not be able to do the things you love!

  3. I would swim if I had my own pool. Thinking about it I don’t think I have the confidence. I’ll probably end up getting super great upper body strength as my legs wither away ><

  4. Yes… And great abs if you include the core 😉 my left calf has already become much smaller than the right. I thought being athletic was supposed to keep you healthy not injured. *sigh*

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