Flowers Are My Anti-Drug

*A more positive post than most. You’re welcome.*

There’s something so simple and purely “happy” about flowers. They don’t have to be cartoonish daisies or extravagant, geometric lantana blooms in order to be pleasant to look at. I enjoy being surrounded by so much vibrance and life. Especially vibrance and life that doesn’t tell me to “cheer up” or to “try lavender oil.” Vibrance and life can be pushy. But not in gardens. Gardens have bumblebees and butterflies, birdies and squirrels, spiders and wormies, pretty flowers and sprouts that you’ve been babying and willing to grow. Gardens are a peaceful, natural presence that I just love.


My mom has always been the gardener in my house, so much so that she owned her own landscaping company for a time. She mostly worked for well-off folk in the ritzy part of town. The 500k+ houses whose owners could DEFINITELY afford landscaping care. Then, she got pregnant with my sister, and then my brother, and now she works part time in  gardens for one of her horticulture instructor’s gardening business and works full time in her own home garden (on top of her home nursing jobs).


Now that I have my own space to garden, I’m finally getting to adventure in the world of gardening. There was a time when I tried to help my mom in her endeavors. She was always the landscaping genius. I mostly watered and weeded. We all know neither of those activities are fun. Now I get to seed and plant and pot and transfer and actually get my hands dirty. And now I get to germinate seeds on paper plates in layers of paper towels for MY garden! And get excited when I see MY seeds start to sprout in early April! (my sunflowers are going ca-razy.)


Now I know I’ve gotten really excited here about flowers, but grasses and shrubs surely have plenty of benefits. They’re great for carpeting and spritz of green in gardens and just bringing the whole “piece” together. I absolutely LOVE mixing colorful grasses and shrubs with lawn-green colored shrubs and grasses in a garden. Why have everything all white? Or all green? WHY NOT HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF LIKE ALL THE COLORS?! Just kidding. I’m a sporadic gardener. I see something and go “that’ll look great right next to my torenias/lantanas/petunias/etc” without ever really having a real plan. Just general ideas.


Currently, I’m converting a dilapidated sandbox in the backyard into a sunflower garden that I’ll be able to see from the kitchen/dining room windows! It will also include the taller strain of zinnias for a “fruit loops in my cheerios” effect.


HEY I’m thinking about making a blog specifically for my gardening because I’m still fairly new to it. Tips and tricks, I need help, how does this look, etc. Think I should do it? Let me know by leaving a comment.




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