All I Can Muster

I am such an angry potato. It feels as though I should feel ashamed having the f-bomb being one of my more-frequented words. Im passive aggressive (therapist said its a veiled angry), I’m spiteful, and I’m almost always raging about something. I explode and then exhaust myself. But whatever. 

Have a good day. 


3 thoughts on “All I Can Muster

  1. Hey there— I understand how you are feeling?! Have you considered getting to the root cause of these emtions and where they originated?? I have gone for many energy healing sessions– and they were all for anxiety and frustrating emotions— the healing sessions ahve transformed my life— I can definitely help you if you are interested in connecting! 🙂 What if you are very intuitive and those emotions are not even yours… or they came from conditioning as a child etc… there could be many origins! But Id be so happy to connect and see what we can work through for you!

  2. I know this was a few days ago, but I hope you’ve had better days with less f-bombs since!

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