Well La Dee Da

I’m fed up with talking about the weather with strangers. I get it. It’s nice and it’s warm and it’s cold and it’s windy and it’s bleak. I get it. I’m fed up with hearing about how Wow It’s 2015 Already. Yes, that’s how time works. I get it. Stop. Hundreds of times a day “I’m not used to writing 2015 yet!” Well get used to it. Hundreds of times a day I hear old people try to be clever with stupid comments about technology and joke about the paperwork at the office. Then you have the ones who say “it’s all about money” when I ask for their copays. You’re the one who scheduled a doctor’s visit, bro.

I need a solitary job. Isn’t this why I went to college for a job that’s often done at home? Shit. Why am I working with people? Shit. I need to be somewhere in my own space where I’m not tempted to be irritated at everyone. I’m just so angry. How can I work on my anger when every human I see makes me angry? (Aside from friends and stuff, of course.)


I don’t know what to do. I just want to cry but I know I won’t. I only cry over things like sad cats and inanimate objects being neglected.

Guess I’ll stuff it down until it manifests in some way more severe 🙂

I am so hungry.

Happy Tuesday.


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