Did You Miss Me?

Weekends of nothing and workweeks of all things is leading me to want to vegetate. Bring the fact that I’ve started up a second job (again) into the equation and what you’ve found yourself is a very grumpy and stressed out Shley.

I thought being financially insecure with free time was bad. Now I’m finding that being financially insecure without free time may even be worse. Funny.

Maybe I won’t even have time to stress! I tried to sign up with some company that promised debt-free-ness with almost no negatives, but turns out I like my credit score as it is and damnit I can get myself out of debt. Eff your interest rates.

If I’m really lucky, I may be able to not stress about food as much anymore because I’ll be too busy busy busy stressing doing everything else.

I’m I’m really luckier I can take advantage of my overly stuffed schedule to lose some of the weight.

See, I always focus on what’s important. Body weight. Winky face.

I just ordered pizza with friends. I bought one of the big packs of Zero Ultra Monster Energy Drink (what’s in those, 8? 12?). I wish I had access to illegally acquired medication aids for the coming weeks.

I still can’t afford Christmas and Hanukkah presents for my family and friends. Hopefully they like mass-produced hand made things and Happy Holidays greeting cards.

This blog is the very definition of low-quality narcissistic distraction.

Happy Sunday.


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