A No Judgment Zone


Used up knife on patron’s plate?

I’ll get those out of your way.

Ha ha, don’t cut yourself with it again! I see it’s happened before!

Ha, I won’t 😀 Silly!

Walk away


Hate man Forever.


They’re just scars.

How dare you.

Who in the hell are YOU to judge me?

To comment on that?

Have you no tact?

You don’t know me.

How DARE you.


Mind your own damn business.


You’re just an aged, lonely man who’s gone through 7 glasses of cocacola and ordered 3 of the worst/unhealthiest menu choices. Eat a vegetable. Drink and eat yourself to death and leave me the fuck alone.


3 thoughts on “A No Judgment Zone

  1. He sounds like a stud!!! You didn’t fall in love right after that joke? Here’s how I see it going down. Setting. Interior of redlobster. It’s dark as shley stands awkwardly at her table listening to yet another middle aged man quip about her life. It dawns on her.. This is no ordinary man no it is infact….. The true love of her life!!! As this jabba the hut like man beast finishes his comment shley feels the burning fires of love deep in her stomach. Or maybe that’s vomit.. either way she wraps her delicate hands I’m his sausage like fingers. Send 3.50 to your friend David in arizona for the rest of the story.

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