The Listener

I am an introvert by nature. Once I’m comfortable with someone or in some place (it takes a while) I can be rowdy, obnoxious, and almost fun. But naturally, I prefer quiet and seclusion.

School years made me inclusion unavoidable. Assigned seating at lunch, hall pass requirements, inescapable group or partner projects… *gag*

It was difficult for me to make friends. Especially in 3rd grade until 6th grade. All throughout school, I preferred books and writing (horribly boring) stories over attempting to socialize.

But I listened.

I knew what everyone was up to. Lunch was the best time for these information gathering habits of mine. No one talked to me at lunch. Everyone talked around me, though, and with my face pointed down at my tray or my back and never letting my eyes wander, I took in all that people said.

Everyone figured I wasn’t paying attention. Joke’s on you. I knew your juiciest gossip in elementary school. Ha.

I was set if I ever needed to blackmail someone. I felt like a spy. Sometimes, I still listen to coworkers or classmates while pretending to be involved in whatever I’m doing. Though, my people skills have improved enough that I can be a part of their conversation if I really wanted to.


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