I’m Looking For Someone to Share in an Adventure

This post is, ashamedly, not actually Hobbit related like the title may suggest. My apologies.
*Disclaimer Over*

We went on an extraordinary adventure in the backyard today. Armed with a cat-sized harness and a taste for exploration, Mickey and I experienced the world of birds and grass and weird sounds together.

He didn’t try to claw his way up and over my shoulder when we headed toward the door like he usually does. His neck instead was stretched out, his green eyes frantically taking in every detail. I set him on his feet in the grass by the tree, and he started meowing.

It’s a very sad meow. It sounds very much like, if translated to human, he were saying, “Why are you doing this to me, Mommy?”

Still, I didn’t give in. I crouched down by him, and with leash firmly gripped, pointed to all the prey nearest us. Two bunnies, some birds, maybe the car that passed with a barking dog. Mickey seemed unafraid of the dog, and almost tried pouncing on the closest bunny.

Then, I stood and tugged on his restraints slightly. attempting a short walk around the lot. He was perfectly calm and still adventurous, until a blasted sports car with its windows down and music blaring roared by us.

His ears flicked back, his eyes widened more than I had imagined they could, and he started pawing at my knees and mewing oh-so-pathetically.

“Save me, Mommy! Let’s go back inside the house, okay Mommy?”

I lifted him offering tones and coos of comfort and encouragement. He had each of his cat arms around my shoulders resembling a hug. He was shaking. I put him down, but he jumped up onto my thigh and held himself up with his claws.

I decided to try our luck away from the street.

We sat next to the tree on a slight hill and I pointed out bugs and flying birds. He started circling around me, then finally settled into my lap looking into the sky. I knew he was becoming comfortable when he tried to eat the grass.

Then Matt pulled into the driveway and Mickey ran to him saying, “Look what she did to me! Save me, Daddy! Take me inside!”

So he did. Best afternoon adventure ever.


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