I’m not in the mood to be at all thoughtful. I haven’t been for a while now. Stupid medicine. Stupid everything.

Here are some basic updates for those who may care:

I’m starting my (unfortunately unpaid) internship at a fancy rehab facility in mid March.
I otherwise only have my one restaurant job now, because the pharmacy job and my anxiety had a falling out.
Having a gym membership finally is *thumbs up.*
Hearing from others that I’ve noticeably slimmed a little is *double thumbs up, with head-nod emphasis.*
I ate an entire pizza today.
My book reading has slowed down since my ability to concentrate decreased.
Though, I still love listening to my audiobooks when I’m working out.
My mom made a blog and posts a lot now. Well, at least she did last week.
Personal trainer!
Insomnia and nightmares!
Expensive wristband that tells me I don’t sleep enough but eat too much?

What an exciting life I lead.

Hopefully you have a wonderful whatever.


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