Just A Friendly Reminder

I have to keep reminding myself that not everything sucks. It sure feels like everything sucks. I’m tired and achey and in a brain fog 90% of the time. People are always rude and short to me and I have to pretend I don’t take it personally. My laundry won’t do itself.

Remember that time the lady at the bookstore said I was “cute as a button?” When the gal at Taco Bell gave me a bag of cinnamon twists because I was “a total sweetheart…” All the times someone’s left a note on their receipt or a napkin or a scrap of paper saying I was a terrific/exceptional/superb server. People can be nice.

We set a date for our wedding, I have the fluffiest kitty, I put up my fall decorations, and my new job likes me (I think). I’m losing weight again, I have a heated blanket, and my family is starting to invite me to things on my days off.

I guess it’s not all bad. Just difficult to keep track now and then. I’m more air-headed and dumb than usual, however, and that’s one thing I can’t really see a bright side to. I work with what I’ve got. I’m seeing my therapist and possibly a new psychiatrist again next week. Will that help my critical thinking skills and memory? Probably not. Will it make me feel better? Whatever.

Let’s play How Off-Track Can I Get On This Super Late Blog Post?: Midnight Edition.

Good Night.


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