Don’t be a Potato Face

Nobody is perfect. Every single person makes mistakes, loses their cool, or just acts out of character at least once. Our world is just full of so many people that at any given time, we may have to deal with the worst side of everyone we come across in a day. Especially those of us working primarily with the public. Most of the time I’m able to look past a few grumpy butts reminding myself that they don’t own me, and I won’t let them get to me. Other days it seems every person I come across is there specifically to make my life a living hell. It’s mostly because they think they’re the only person in the world and don’t have the patience or social etiquette/manners required to deal with fellow humans. Now, nobody’s perfect, so I’m definitely not trying to claim that I am. Good potatoes, no, but I do try. I try really hard. Sometimes I lose my patience when I’ve been inconvenienced. Sometimes I accidentally forget to smile with my manners. Sometimes I ask for stupid requests. Sometimes I even feel like I deserve more or better than what I get. But I always try my best to be a pleasant, friendly person to interact with. With friends, family, and coworkers I do my best to smile and care and nod and listen and help and offer suggestions and things. In public I always try to smile and say please thank you maybe a little more than what’s necessary to make them feel appreciated. I always double check my coupons/sales prices so I’m not “one of them.” I always tip well (or reasonably if the service was poor, which I find to be rare). I always hold doors and listen to credit card/reward card/featured menu item offers, and always make my consideration or decline polite. Sometimes I just want a quick trip or an easy way out when I’m tired or hungry or grumpy, but I’m always polite and respectful. Sometimes I’m really air headed in public and don’t understand right away. But I don’t get cranky or blame the service person. Now I’m starting to ramble. Again, I’m not saying I’m perfect, but sometimes I find it hard to believe that that many people can be having such a bad day in a day on any given day. Why are so many people determined to be miserable and spread their misery? Why can’t more people try to make the best of things at least to keep from treating other people poorly and prevent the spread of negativity? Happy today.


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