Little Red Schoolhouse

This post has been on my mind for a while now. Mostly because this quarter school has taken up about 85% of the time I’m not sleeping or at work. Most of my college’s classes are either fully online now, or are offered in a hybrid format using Angle LMS. I think I hate Angel LMS.

First of all, personally I have not benefited at all through the use of an online learning system. Honestly I learn better by having to write things than typing them (probably because I type too quickly). I like having to highlight information, sift through papers, write down my answers, turn them in on paper, and get direct feedback written on them for a more visual experience.

Having to do all homework through Microsoft Word documents and upload boxes leaves so much room for technology errors, especially with such a glitchy system. There always seems to be something wrong with Angel. I hate how in order to do school work I have to be at a computer. I hate how I have a habit of buying pretty office supplies like pens and notebooks and rarely get to use them.

Part of my excitement for school is not just the learning but the process of learning requiring real paper and real ink. It’s just frustrating to me that very few classes use traditional class methods lately.

For now I’ll just content myself making more notes than what’s necessary in my notebooks to get my fix.

Happy Wednesday.


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