Lately I’ve been redeveloping some bad habits and have been left so exhausted that I have no room left in my mind for anything besides the basics. I wake up, I study just enough to have low A’s, I go to work, and I sleep and do it over again. Apologies for my disappearance.

The problem is that I’m so stressed out that I’m trying to distract myself with worrying about food, and now some bad habits are back and it’s consuming all my left over energy to deal with that. I’m getting more and more sad, recently. I had worked so hard to try and be happy again. It’s been a difficult few weeks.

Anyway I’m going to try posting once per week now, so hopefully I don’t get overwhelmed by this, too. This is supposed to be therapeutic, right?

This afternoon I took a break from my studies (I’ll freak out about it later) to make a super soup. It’s simmering right now, but look at all my ingredients!


I wish I’d have had more fresh vegetables instead of canned, but I didn’t know exactly when I’d be making the soup.

So far it’s pretty delicious.

Happy Wednesday.


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