I’m an Adult

Today while getting ready I had a mini epiphany. Usually I’m so deep in lists and rules and structure that I forget that I’m capable of going beyond that.

Today I reminded myself that I’m an adult. I can stay up late if I want to. I can skip my workout and read instead. I am allowed to eat a whole pizza by myself if I can afford it, but I know (as an adult) that it’s a bad idea!

Even though I may not be the happiest I can be there, I still have a secure job and have built a good reputation. I’m currently working towards my degree. It may be that I’m not completely satisfied with my current plans for the future, but at least I have a general idea.

Being an adult, I know I can stay up all night playing video games. I can even do it before I finish my homework (if I want to). I can read a whole book in a week as long as I don’t totally shirk my responsibilities.

Yes, a lot of these come with some consequences, but I’m an adult and I can handle it.

I’m going to drink an extra beer tonight.


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