Cold Sweats and Pallor

Too often do I forget that eating enough is important. Too often I find myself  feeling super nauseated and temporarily cut off from my day because I’m lying on the bathroom floor hoping not to throw up my vitamins.

Just this afternoon I spent 40 minutes near comatose trying to steady my breathing. I couldn’t get up to get water, open the window for fresh air, and I couldn’t move my head to a more comfortable position. Vitamins are expensive! I didn’t want to waste them by throwing up. I had too small of a breakfast (118 calories consisting of yogurt and flaxseed) and took too many pills. Three diet pills, iron, probiotic, b12, calcium, multi vitamin, vitamin d, biotin, and cranberry to be exact. Same as everyday, but I cut down my breakfast to “save calories” for dinner tonight.

That’s generally not okay. Instead of “saving up” calories for later I should have just had vegetables or fibrous foods or something healthy like that. Instead, I restricted and paid the price. Now I’m behind on homework and studying because I had this blog post idea and had to post it.

Life can be so tough sometimes. Luckily the feeling has mostly subsided and I’ll do better tomorrow.


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