Mother Nature

So, much to my fiance’s disapproval I would love to one day have a youngling all my own. He keeps telling me it won’t happen. I figured we’d just cross that bridge when we’re financially secure enough to get there. The problem lately is that I feel that thing that they talk about in movies, I think. The biological clock, I guess. It’s starting to tick in me, but the rest of me knows nothing about my life is anywhere near appropriate for planning children. Even though, there are signs pointing to my wanting kids right now deep down.

First off, let’s briefly touch the physical stuff. My certain moon cycle events have gotten so severe I’ve had to start taking over the counter medicines for the first time because the cramping is more than I can handle during a work day. I’ve NEVER had such distracting symptoms. Ok, enough of that. Just know that they’re getting progressively more miserable.

Secondly, the darn dreams won’t let up. I thought my dream about having 12 babies a few months ago was the first and last of the childbearing dreams. Nope. I’ve had countless toddlers, teenagers, and infants between the hours of 12 am and 10 am this last month it’s just silly. And, oddly enough, most of the same dreams also feature cats in some way.

Last but not least, I’m finding pictures and videos of babies and toddlers much more hilarious and worth watching. The inside of me really wants an ankle biter to call mine. It’s such a bad idea right now.

My mom and stepdad had my little sister when I was 13, my brother when I was 15, and my dad and stepmom adopted my other little sister when I was 17. I’m no stranger to living with little ones and most of the terrors and joys that come with it. I know I am perfectly capable of being a good parent because I had practice with those three. I actually offered to change diapers and feed. I was there for first baths, first words, and first steps. I enjoyed teaching them adorable things (“Bees make honey!) and hilarious things (“Purple cows make purple milk?”). I coddled and I disciplined and I showed off wallet sized pictures to anyone willing (or not) to look.

We’re totally not ready for kids. Silly womanhood. It’s getting ahead of me. I’m good to just stick with cats for now!


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