Breaking Schedule Intentionally

Last night during class I had a craving for a cheeseburger. I figured “whatever. I ran today,” so I went to Burger King to get my cheeseburger. The young lady at the window asked me, “Are you always this polite?”

“Yes. I’m sorry if that’s unusual here.”
“It’s just… refreshing.”

Pathetic. When politeness becomes so rare it needs to be mentioned. While it’s nice that not being an asshole doesn’t go under-appreciated,  it’s sad that people being rude and jerkfacey because they can is the norm.

When I started my service job I was told to expect the bitches and the fuckheads because people go out to eat after a long day or a long week and they want everything perfect and a reason to take their life problems out on somebody.

Have you heard of courtesy? Have you heard of positive self talk? Figure out something, man, because you’re not special. I don’t give a shit how your day was. Don’t you care about anyone besides yourself? (A great book.)

The warning was nice, and it definitely was heeded because now I successfully fear every potential tip that walks through those doors.

Sorry for the swearing. I’m at the end of my filter’s rope. Too much frustration on the inside. Thank goodness I’m going to a metal concert tonight.


P.S. All I did was use my pleases and a thank you.


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