It’s About Time

My Kindle Fire is very neat. It was a birthday present, and it’s terribly useful. Not only do I manage to write most of my blog posts on it (wee) but it’s great for recording any other kind of written nonsense because I have a that keyboard I had mentioned in an earlier post. The keyboard, by the way, has mostly fixed itself! The buttons aren’t as sticky as they used to be. It’s much more user-friendly now. So I keep a dream journal on it because every now and then I remember that eventually I want to be able to lucid dream, and the experts all say it starts with being able to remember your dreams and all the little details.

It’s an app specifically designed for dream recording very quickly, because it even has a nice voice recording feature so I don’t even have to bother typing all the details. I just sort of list things, and go back later to add minor details or overall feelings the dream left me with. This morning was the first time I’ve used it. I’m always so busy first thing in the morning. I have calories to count, meals to plan, and pills to take.

Last night, after my random sudden spiral down into who I used to be (see Ridiculous) I had a slew of weird dreams. One of the first involved me being upset about something and taking big swigs out of a big bottle of nameless Merlot. I was driving. Then, as I was gulping it down on the interstate and started feeling “fuzzy” I remembered that it was illegal. I tried to hide it on the floor by the passenger’s seat but I was too thirsty. I was getting more and more inebriated and trying to drive to wherever I was going and started to panic.

Later down the dream-road Matt and I get framed in a bar and end up being taken for testing. I narrowly escaped, but once I got out of the building I got caught again. Then we’re put to sleep to undergo some “testing,” and wake up naked in Rohan to get directions from Gimli.

Dreams is weird. And recording them is the second most useful thing my Kindle does for me, next to having Netflix for when I’m on the treadmill.

Happy Tuesday, sorry for the sadness Sunday night, and sorry for the accidental early post Sunday evening.


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