Books and Things!

I’ve shamed myself. Lately I’ve been so preoccupied with food that the things I really enjoy doing for the sake of doing them have been shoved under the rug. Or, more accurately, left collecting dust on the nightstand.

My poor book has been abandoned. I’m either working or studying, sleeping, or dealing with food and exercise in some way. I’m always too beat to put the thought into remembering what character does what and who is with who in this book. It’s very web-like and I was super tired the first day I started it, so now I pay the price. (A very good book, though. Highly recommend.)

This almost ties into that boredom post I made a while back. Remember that? I want to do so many things for so many reasons. Either it’s to improve myself or the image I have of myself or it’s to benefit others in some way… Sometimes, though, I get overwhelmed and don’t accomplish any of it but decide to feel sorry for myself instead. I find these two circumstances to be similar.

It hasn’t taken me this long to read a book in a long while, and it’s not even a long book. I’m just slacking for no reason. I frustrate me so much. Also, my cat forgot it was mother’s day (typical) and I’m broke because no one wants to eat at the restaurant I work at, seemingly.  When they do eat there it’s as if they forgot how to leave a decent tip. I like to believe I deserve far more than $3 on a $40 ticket. Would you be able to live off of $3? Remember, I have to tip out to other employees and pay rent. Sorry, got off track. is great, by the way. Started using it the other day and I’ve already learned the whole German alphabet! There were some lessons but I forgot them. I’ll retake them eventually. Sometime before our (possible) trip to Germany would be grand!

How off topic can I get today? I love sprinkles.

Okay so happy Sunday and I hope you have a marvelous whatever.


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