Attitudes Mattertudes

I work with lots and lots of people every day. Whether they’re coworkers, company people, or guests, I always have to deal with people and their sour attitudes.

I’m bloody tired of it. One of my friends put it perfectly, he said that working in the service industry has killed my spirit. Maybe it’s not perfectly said, because I like to think of myself as a fairly bubbly and optimistic person still (though less so than before), but on the inside I’m different. I’m more judgmental than I’ve ever been. I like to blame it on how often people are mean to me.

Are you one of those people that strike up an argument with someone you don’t even know because you’re in a bad mood? Well, stop it. Two wrongs don’t make a right, as they say. I’m sick of being terrified of going to work because I know there’s someone going to be mean to me. Yes, people are straight up mean!

I may be airheaded, and I may have trouble organizing a thought or taking part in conversation, but what harm have I actually caused you? Why do you feel the need to be mean to me when I’m only trying to be nice to you?

Being nice is such a better feeling than being mean or attitudey. Imagine it: being in a room full of people you’ve just insulted…no one’s happy to see you. No one wants you to be there. They’re judging you and they’re feeling mean towards you, now. It’s not a good feeling.

On the other hand, being in a room full of people you’ve just complimented, helped out, or people you were just nice to… they want to be your friend! They like it there, they’ll want to come back to where you are, and maybe even return the favor or what have you.

Moral of the story: quit being an asshole just because you can. Being mean-funny is one thing, but make sure the people know you’re joking around 😉 When you have a choice to be rude or nice, niceness feels so much better and works out so much better for you in the end. However, hugging a cat is still better than all of those things.

Being a jerk? 0/10
Hugging cats? 100/10


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