THE Food Post

You may or may not have noticed yet, but I’m a little bit preoccupied with food and food related things. I talk about my issues with food, I talk about my grocery shopping and the documentaries I’ve seen about food, I go out to eat a lot… Little known fact: I also love to cook! Lately I’m so much more into food, food talks, food thinks, and eating, that I’ve decided to dedicate this post 100% to food! Food and words, at least.

Before, I had mentioned that cooking myself meals everyday isn’t going to happen at this point in my life. Too many days I come home after working 12-13 hours and the next few days (my “weekend”) are spent just recovering, so I’d rather eat something that’s delicious, fast, and nutritious. The nutritious is a bonus but may be sacrificed for the delicious factor. Priorities. Anyway because of this I like to spend one afternoon/evening a week (up to 3 hours) just cooking a lot of Just Bare chicken, turkey bacon, enriched/whole grain pasta, extra lean ground turkey meat, cilantro rice, roasting vegetables, and preparing for the 5-7 days to come. I package meals or bits of meals into little tupperware containers and take them out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I also keep a stash of fruit where I do homework because magically I always crave something when I’m trying to concentrate.

Before, I would think of this as a disordered type of behavior, but overall it’s proven to actually be good for me. I don’t make my meals tiny, I make them reasonable. I’ll usually be content after a tupperware of food, and if I’m not, then I also keep a stash of 100 bags of almonds and walnuts. I’m trying to be nice to myself in all the ways!

My favorite staple is spaghetti. I could eat it everyday. It’s a great breakfast, too. My spaghetti is easily packaged into 5 tupperwares (Target brand, because they have hearts on them!) because the extra lean Jennie-O turkey packages have five 4oz servings. My target brand spaghetti sauce has five 1/2 cup servings. My target brand (notice a trend?) enriched spaghetti noodles are easily weighed, separated, and cooked to any yield. Sometimes I’ll cut the serving in half and use 1oz of pasta for a tupperware, sometimes I’ll splurge on the whole 2oz. I also just LOVE putting sweated (sweated because I don’t use butter and I don’t know what else it’s called) red peppers, green peppers, onions and jalapenos in my spaghetti sauce. The turkey only really tastes good if you let it simmer in the spaghetti sauce anyway, so I let my vegetables do a lot of their cooking during that process. And I never forget a healthy splash of hot sauce. I’ve even been thinking about making my own natural-like spaghetti sauce. Maybe one day. 

Today I just made a delicious one time meal. The intention was to mimic Red Lobster’s southwest chicken sandwich. It’s SO good! Complete with onion rings, bacon, and barbecue mayonnaise… it’s over 1000 calories. My sandwich was going to be a Jimmy John’s style unwich, but I saw a little green bug on my lettuce and decided against the lettuce. I know produce has bugs, but I just couldn’t do it today. I opted for mashed cauliflower. Not a bad choice, right? Should even be a little healthier. I just cooked my 2oz of Just Bare chicken (a really cool brand. You should look for it) with a little pepper in a nonstick skillet, added a slice of turkey bacon, and put it over my mashed “potatoes.” Originally I had wanted some avocado, but Target didn’t have any ripe ones. It has failed me. Still delicious, and only like 250 calories or something. Oh, the sacrifice. 

Now I’m a little further than feeling contented, but at least I know I probably won’t want to snack later. The prepackaged meals thing is probably going to last a while in my house/future apartment/house. The best part is I only have to do a lot of dishes once or twice a week! I hate dishes. Does anyone actually like dishes, though? Probably not.

Happy, whatever.

Note: I know If it’s Target brand tupperware it’s not actually tupperware, but it’s still tupperware in my heart.


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