100s of Cats

My life is governed by rules and lists. Most of them I’ve made because simple daily tasks generally have me feeling overwhelmed. I label things and make formulas for almost everything. If I was my own roommate, I would kick me out. I’m way too strict.

I have a formula for my morning activities. It’s how long everything I like to do in the morning takes, and I add or subtract from the time I need to be there, leave, and wake up. I use this every morning before work, especially. I have a checklist next to the names of vitamins I take, and a checklist for how often I’ve worked out. There’s a tally and goal sheet for going soda-free. I have a 7-day dry erase board that is labeled with everything I’d like to accomplish daily. If I check everything off 7 days in a row I get myself something. The kind of things on there include: study at least a little bit, work out, eat healthy, drink enough water, etc.

My closet is labeled. The labels are very specific, too, because what if I go clothes shopping? If one item isn’t exactly a blouse but isn’t exactly casual there needs to be a section for it. Also it’s all separated by how loosely they fit. There have been moments when I’m folding laundry and almost panic because I won’t know where to put something. What if I can’t find it again because I’m an incompetent labeler?

At work I keep lists of things that are best done before my shift, during it, and after in order to make the most of my time spent there. I also keep a checklist in my book about things to say or do to make the most out of every table and keep the managers happy. I make checklists for new people I’m training, too. That’s at least helpful to someone, I hope.

I have rules posted in my room or stapled in my Rule Book (it’s a little embarrassing, but yes) for things like when I’m allowed to have soda, how often I do laundry for work clothes, regular clothes, white clothes, bed sheets and the like. I have specific rules for dusting and cleaning, such as where to start and what material to use. There’s a rule for how often I should inventory my books, and what days I should wear certain socks or other underwears.

One of the more healthy lists is my weight loss goals and prizes list. For each “goal weight” I have a posted, visualized prize that I buy/give myself when reached! I’ve always been told not to reward myself with food, so I use things like new books, dresses, and bubble baths instead. My “ultimate” goal gets a trip to Kobe Steakhouse, though. I love that place. Can’t nobody hold me back from delicious food like that. Umami ❤

For school work I have rules for studying/reading chapters, and every section of notes has to be consistent. I’ll re read a chapter and take notes on it again before I have inconsistency in my notebook. I keep a percentage of credits until completion and have an excel spreadsheet meant to calculate my GPA for me all the time. It’s nice to know, and I tend to forget what classes I’ve taken.

And those were some. I’m not sure if my analness actually does me good or not, but it feels like it. I like having this very controlled environment. I can avoid “What do I do?” shutdowns and find time to enjoy things more. That is the ultimate goal, afterall. Enjoyment and happiness. And to have 100 cats.


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