Oh No!

It’s been a rough week. Apologies for the late post, and apologies for me not having anything to talk about. All I feel like saying includes complaining about my current circumstances and other things that everyone on social media is talking about.

Like, how winter is never ending this year (to think I thought my depression was bad a month ago. Can you imagine it now?), how school is kicking my behind (I have such low As that I can’t relax but can’t really complain), and how I never want to have to work but being unemployed isn’t an option when you’re broke and need a new car.

I feel like my English is worse than usual. Blame the last three midterms-filled days. So. Many. Midterms. Most of them grammar and words related.

I did manage to cheer myself up a little by buying yellow tulips at Target today. I may be totally sad and a little out of it, but at least some of my room is pretty now. When it’s sleeting outside and is cloudy for forever I need some sort of life around me.

I don’t want to sleep, or play, or eat, or work. That’s the kind of bored/sad I’m feeling right now. Just so blah.

Okay I’m done wasting your time! Hopefully I’ll be back to regular posts next week!


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