Cooking and Stuff: Creative Titles and Num Nums

There was a time when I cooked a lot. I would be in the kitchen for a while after school in the high school years, and I especially enjoyed cooking for people. I even more so enjoyed cooking for boyfriends to show off how domestic I could be. Anyway, since the whole breakdown thing, and since I moved back in with my mom, I don’t spend nearly as much time in the kitchen.

I could cook almost anything, bake almost anything, and used these skills for birthdays and other holidays or just to surprise people at school or work for fun. I especially liked creating my own meals through improvisation. There was a time when I lived with my dad and step-mom where one of us would ask what was for the dinner and whoever (whomever? I hate grammar. Pretty sure I have it right) was cooking would reply, “I don’t know yet.” It was always an adventure, and was almost always delicious.

I’ve mentioned before how my friends and I don’t cook our own dinners very often so we go out to eat. Right now I’m house-sitting for my dad and step-mom again and the kitchen and downstairs freezer is full of food. I originally had a difficult time breaking the habit regarding take out and fast food, but today I’m going into kitchen again to make some delicious burgers! I haven’t made them yet, but I’m very excited. I do love cooking/baking afterall, and like to think I’m pretty good at both.

I’ve named them Shlack Daniels burgers because I’m using Jack Daniels brand barbecue sauce and I like incorporating my name into things. (For Matt and I, our couple name is Shatt McBarry.) I’m making the burger patties from lean ground beef, shredded pepperjack cheese, and the fancy sauce. I’m going to carmelize some jalapeno slices and red onion strings and use that as a topper along with some iceberg lettuce. Then, I will put all that on a honey-toasted kaiser bun thing. I’m hungry already.

I definitely plan on cooking for Matt and myself when we get our own place, but for now, please bear with my sporadic food posts! Unfortunately, I never seem to have time in the morning to record my dreams so I haven’t posted any. I think I’ve had some neat ones, but there’s always something else to do right away. Maybe one day.

Happy Nomming.

Edit: The burgers were fortunately a pretty big hit. I’ll rate my own burgers with a generous 9/10 for delicious! Wee!


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