College is Hard

Have I mentioned the first couple years of my college career before? They were pretty bad. I started off full-time, but then dropped everything over half way through my first quarter. I kept trying and dropping… Last spring, after a full two quarters off, I started going full-time again and have been ever since. Let’s blame it on the depression, fear of everything, and uncertainty, shall we? That was a fun introduction.

Every quarter since last spring I’ve made the Dean’s List. I’m not a bad student by any means, and I’m pretty proud of my study habits. Most exciting though is that I’ve been invited to apply for the Phi Theta Kappa thing at my college! It’s a worldwide two-year college thing (“Thing” because I admittedly haven’t done too much research on it. It’s almost embarrassing but I don’t care) that’s for students with “excellent academic standing” and they’ll write letters of recommendation to four year colleges and/or future employers. It has a lot of different charters (I applied for the Elkhorn one) and student activities to help build life skills. Yay life skills!

The application fee was pretty steep, but I’m hoping that I make it. I get an induction ceremony like back when I did National Honors Society, and I get to graduate with a special ribbon or pin or something. Plus having Greek stuff on my resume couldn’t hurt. When I got my postcard saying “Congratulations!” I was pretty excited. Then I started to do homework and got really discouraged about my intellectual ability.

This particular class is a lot more difficult than I originally thought… It’s designed specifically for my career field, but it has so much information that’s very difficult to Google, and it’s not often found in the textbook or any lecture pages (it’s an online class). I’m used to being able to read the chapter, take a few notes, and be good to go. Today, I learned that my knowledge regarding parts of speech that my textbook considers “basic” is very limited. My results had me a little embarrassed about having a blog. I got really self conscious about my words. Here I thought I was fairly strong in the grammar department. Well enough to seem like an English genius compared to some of my Facebook friends, at least. Is that mean?

Either way I’m trying to get encouraged again. I won’t let this chapter stop me! This headache, however… Focusing thoughts is more difficult today for some reason. I apologize. One more thing I want to get out there: I love my medical terminology classes. I’m taking the second part now, and this teacher combined with the class structure and the information itself is awesome and it’s all fascinating and I wish all classes were like that! There is a lot of work, and it’s considered to be one of the more difficult classes the college offers. Love it. My favorite part is knowing that I have a knack for it, because as long as I take the time to read everything and do the exercises I don’t have to study to get good grades and feel comfortable actually applying what I’ve learned.

I need to stop for today. Everything is everywhere. Goodbye.


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