Boredom – If That’s What You Want to Call It

Recently I saw a quote online that had to do with boredom and it got me to thinking. I like to say I’m bored a lot. It’s not actually true. I suffer from the too-big-of-a-to-do-list-to-want-to-do-any-of-it dilemma (too many hypens?), and I try to find something more fun to do instead. Then I say I’m bored. Sometimes I just sit and think about anything and everything, feeling more “bored” than just lazy or not in the mood to do other things.

Too often though I sit doing nothing (reading, surfing the internet, or just petting the cat) when I know there are so many things I should be doing. Surely that’s not a problem that I suffer alone. It’s easy to assume many people do that, but I’m really mean to myself about it. For example: Just last week I got home from work late at night knowing I had a lot of homework to do, and I worked early the next morning. Instead of doing any studying or anything I sat on my bed feeling “bored” and sorry for myself. It doesn’t make sense, but I’ve been doing things like that for years. Even in middle school I would get bored cleaning my room (necessary before I was allowed to play outside) and decide to just stay in instead.
Maybe it’s a good thing I’m so content to just sit. But then, why does my attention span give me so much grief when I’m with friends or trying to concentrate on something? Everything is just so confusing.

If only I knew a better word than “bored” to use in these instances. I’ll probably keep using it. My vocabulary isn’t extensive enough to try anything else.

“The man who lets himself be bored is more contemptible than the bore.”
-Samuel Butler


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