Talking About Food Again

Last time I only briefly touched the issue of going out to eat with friends. A lot of my close friends and I eat out a lot. At least a few times a week, I’d say. One of them is a chef at a local restaurant, the rest of us just appreciate tasty food, and aren’t really in a place in our lives where cooking our own dinners every night would make a lot of sense.

Every Monday we head over to the neighborhood Old Chicago for beer, happy hour food, and pool. The fiance and I usually eat when we get off work a couple more times a week. Nights like tonight, we’re meeting friends for sushi when we’re all off work. Now, I did work out today, and I believe that I should eat when I’m hungry regardless of calories, but sushi and I have a very strenuous relationship. I love it so much that I will throw “dieting” out the window to have a Las Vegas roll or some tempura fried crunchies on top (I had this roll at Kona, but I don’t remember what it actually was. It was a roll laid flat with edible claws sticking up? It looked like crab claws, but more little. Anyone know what that is?).

Thus far I’ve basically reached my calorie limit for the day. Even with the run I took. I munched a lot at work because it was slow and my coworkers kept ordering delicious food. I kept stealing things like french fries and biscuit pieces from their plates. I also really like to have a drink when I go out. Wine is great with sushi!

I’m very stressed out about what I’m going to do at dinner tonight. When I order more than half of my meal to go, or when I stop but still say I’m hungry, my friends will say, “You deserve a cheat day!” when unfortunately I don’t feel I do. Maybe I’m still more disordered than I thought. Is everyone who’s mindful about their net calories this anxiety ridden when it come to situations like these? I had a cheat day last week where I consumed double my limit for the day and then some. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin, but I also just want to eat all the sushi, burgers, and snacks that I want. Ah, inner turmoil.

Edit: The roll with the delicious crunchies is called a Spider Roll! The crunchies (not actually very crunchy this time, as there was more meat in these than I remember) were actual pieces of actual crabmeat actually tempura fried and actually delicious. The more you know!

Also! (Last thing) I recently downloaded a dream recording app for my handy kindle fire, because actually writing things with pens can be so tedious. Especially when details in things like dreams can be so elusive. So I’d expect a dream post or two every now and then. I’ll still keep the Tuesdays and Thursdays theme going, but dreams are so interesting. I’ll warn you in the title if it’s a dream post.

Happy Dreaming.


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