Shley vs. Scary Things

I wish I liked scary movies again. It’s always really uncomfortable when I’m with my fiance or a group of friends and they want to watch a zombie movie, or action movie, because I don’t like them anymore. There isn’t even a good reason for it. The gore, intensity, and sadness of these movies just leaves me with stomach aches and the like. These are things I generally try to avoid.

During the high school years I could watch them just fine with friends and dates. In fact, I think I truly liked them back then. Since I’ve had my breakdown though (long story) they leave me too uncomfortable. The last time I tried to watch an action movie I threw up after. I’m not bothered by blood in real life, but seeing people hurt people…

No thank you. Even if it’s fake. I’ll stick to my kid’s movies and comedies. Now that I think about it, my breakdown caused me to change in a lot of different ways. Some for the best. I’m more scared of things in general now. Except roller coasters. I’ve always hated roller coasters.


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