Hobby Troubles

One of my goals is to have a library in my house. I’ve accepted the fact that it will probably be a modest sized office/library space most likely the size of an average suburban bedroom. That’s okay. As long as I have a room that I can dedicate to my love of reading. I plan on improving my current inventory system, (not only am I slightly neurotic, but I’ve accidentally bought the same book twice before) and I want to have armchairs or couches in there, too. If I’m lucky there will even be a fireplace in the room. Here’s hoping.

The reason I bring this up is because even though I know I want to read a lot I still have trouble grasping the fact that I can’t master all the things I like. There isn’t much to “master” with reading, but I love to paint, play games and video games, and learn new things. There have been moments when I’ve gotten so overwhelmed knowing that I won’t live long enough to know about and be good at everything, because that’s impossible. Luckily, the anxiety I have regarding this subject has subsided slightly since I’ve been less depressed (funny how that works), but it still comes to mind every time I have a day off to spend time on hobbies.

If only I were a Sim and could do everything! As long as my controller-person knew how to do cheats, and as long as I drank the elixir of life… Unfortunately life isn’t the Sims. Wouldn’t that be neat though? I wouldn’t have to organize, do laundry, or mow the lawn. No college applications. Groceries would be delivered to my door.

Okay I got a little sidetracked, but am I alone in wanting to do more than I will ever have time for and being really stressed out about it?


One thought on “Hobby Troubles

  1. Fun fact: There is a theory that we are all one giant simulation and it uses the fact that certain particles are only particles when observed as evidence. When they aren’t observed, they are waves and act as such.


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