The Cold

All I feel like doing is complaining about how I’m sick. I got the sniffles, the congestion, the sneezes, and the tireds. I’ve probably grunted 20 times every hour since I woke up this morning. It’s not fair! Yesterday I woke up gasping for breath because I had a dream I was drowning. I’m pretty sure it’s because of both the congestion and the funny ear-popping hearing I have right now. I was just sick this last January. Not even a full two months ago. I’m used to being sick (a cold) once a year and then being done with it. What’s this twice-already-this-year crap? Seriously not okay.

My job agrees that it’s not cool. I got to work this morning carrying my own box of tissues (Puffs with lotion <3) and after sneezing or fighting the urge to itch my nose at every table, I asked to go home and I couldn’t, because there’s a coupon out and it “might” get busy. I was supposed to work both lunch and dinner, but paid another person to work for me tonight and got to go home. I can understand why they would want me to work, but I’m handling people’s food and money here, people. Germs are not very nice to share. Sharing isn’t always caring. I really needed to make the money, too. Instead I paid someone else to make money. This sick isn’t fair, or okay.

You know what else isn’t fair? Having to do housework, grocery shop, and buy new work clothes when boogers keep falling out of your face.

Boogers should not be green. It’s weird. Well, it’s natural, but it’s still weird.

Ok I’m done. By the way, I figured it’ll eventually be more difficult to find things to talk about every day, so from now on I’m going to try to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays at least. I’ll post a little more often if I have the time for it.

Happy Monday!


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