Routines are such a fun topic for me! Who knows why? I don’t. All I know is that as soon as I started incorporating a more efficient and easy to follow routine into my life things started getting better. It could be part of my personality type, but maybe it’s just the magic of having a routine. There was a time where I stayed up too late every night to wake up too early every morning and rush through my day never feeling like I had accomplished anything. Never having plans or making lists made me feel pretty inadequate, and I didn’t even know why.

No, I don’t do the exact same thing every day. That would be ridiculous, and I would go mad(der). Working in the service industry has my body never knowing if it’s waking up at 630 to sleep again at 11 that night or 12:30 the next morning. Also, there are days that I hit snooze maybe a few too many times and it’s hard to accomplish everything I’d like to in the morning. I do manage to do similar things every day, however, because first things first, I get enough sleep.

Everyone who’s had insomnia knows one of the best things you can do for your sleep and overall health is go to bed the same time every night if you can, and try to wake up at the same time every morning. Well, again, in the service industry that’s difficult to do, but I do try. I always wake up early enough so I feel like I haven’t wasted the day. Staying up all night can be fun, but it’s not worth it when your circadian rhythms kind of wonky for the next few days. My sleep is too precious to me to mess it up like that!

I recently read a really REALLY good book about sleep which I highly recommend. Information about it can be found here.

A great way to start any day is waking up feeling refreshed, but a great thing I do for myself is make myself get moving in the morning. Some days it’s more difficult than others, but I always go about it with an a list like this:

  • Snooze a little then get up
  • Shower
  • Face/Clothes/Jewelry etc.
  • Breakfast
  • YouTube Stories
  • Tidy and clean up
  • Work or whatever else I need to do

Having this kind of routine for my every day life is what keeps me grounded, and these things help me wake up and view the world a little more optimistically. If you’re someone who’s had a few issues with depression like myself, then this might help. It can be difficult to start, though. Some days are easier to get motivated, but just try it for a week or two. I’ve only been doing this for a year or so now and it’s the best.

I apologize if this post was a little more all over the place than usual. I wrote it after work about fifteen minutes before I fell asleep, and my brain wasn’t at all cooperative.


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